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USS Lexington Ghost visits rescue workers on ship

After Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, U.S. Coast Guard personnel and other rescuers and relief workers, were invited to stay on the USS Lexington because of a shortage of available hotel rooms in Corpus Christi. While there, a number of of these trained soldiers witnessed the appearance of  a ghostly figure.


It is the latest sighting of ghostly figures on the ship, now retired and serving as a museum near the Corpus Christi Harbor.  It's a great read and you are invited to get the full story about the hauntings of this historic Naval vessel.   MORE

BEST BOOK and BEST DVD of the Month (for OCTOBER)  - Check Below

PERFECT OCTOBER COMPANIONS - Read the book, Watch the DVD!

October is for the

Walking Dead!


Read it! Watch it! The most terrifying horror reality imaginable! The book takes you far deeper into the story, while the DVD is a thrill ride of a horror flick thst keeps you on the edge of your seat! With World War Z 2 production set to begin soon, now is the perfect time to refresh your memories on this expertly crafted story. WARNING: Don't watch it alone in your house, and only read it with all the lights on and the doors double-locked. WORLD WAR Z is our October pick for best horror book and horror DVD, so sharpen your axe and getting ready for the action!!!

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Are You Ready for a Halloween Road Trip? We've got the perfect events and festivals for your consideration. Get out and enjoy the season in 2017 and let your hair down!  Review Great Road Trip Destinations and Festivals Here.


Kurt Russell Only Recently Realized His Role in a Major UFO Story...


Actor Kurt Russell, known for his many film accomplishments (Guardian of the Galaxy 2 most recently), was being interviewed about his latest film when he revealed a true story of how he and his son were witnesses to one of the most highly publicized UFO stories of modern times. Russell, who is a pilot, was flying his aircraft when the incident began to unfold in the skies over Arizona. He notified authorities but somehow managed to totally forget the incident until he was watching a follow up report on TV.


This video clip explains it all...

Strange But True -- Weird News?

Be aware of the unwanted tennant! According to the CRAVEOnline website, there is a home for sale in Cayce, SC, a lovely 4-bedroom residence that "needs a little work." The good news is the monthly mortgage is just over %500 a month. The bad news, there is a permanent ghostly tenant upstairs you must  allow to stay "forever."  Apparently more than a little work is needed on the place, including cleaning up blood stains and repairing a leaking rook. Apparently no wants to go upstairs for that!  Find more Strange But True Sttories and Weird News HERE.

He could save the world...

Are you ready for the Apacolypse?

From author Jon Land and creator Fabrizio Boccardi comes Dark Light: Dawn, a heart-pounding supernatural thriller about a deadly, global epidemic and the man who holds the power to either save the world or destroy it...


Since the dawn of time good and evil have challenged the free will of man. Now the time has come for one man to choose for all human kind.


With an uncanny ability to survive any combat situation, Max Younger has built a heroic life for himself as a Navy SEAL.

That is, until a rogue rescue operation plunges him back into a past he thought he’d escaped forever.


Waiting for him back home in New York are terrible, long-hidden truths rooted in the tragic death of his father. But the origin of those truths lie even further back than that, and Max finds himself ensnared in a sinister plot...



THIS IS OUR AUGUST SELECTION for horror book of the month. Check out our other picks for 2017 here.

Affordable Halloween Decorations Offer Hi-Tech and Frightful Illusions

Atmos offers a great solution for those wanting to "go all out" with their Halloween decorations this year but don't have the budget to aim for the sky! Check out their full product line that can turn your home into a nightmare for all to see. They are fun, affordable and extremely effective!


Get ready to amaze your neighbors and put on a show for trick-or-treaters!


Read All About It Here

A  Real Thriller...

She Came to Help a Boy...

  Join Verena on her mission to offer help to a young, traumatized boy who lost his mother, and his ability to speak... and then she discovers the frightful truth.

Verena (Emilia Clarke) is a determined young nurse hired to help a mute young heir (Edward Dring) within an isolated castle in Tuscany. The more she observes the boy, the more Verena becomes convinced he has fallen under the spell of a powerful and otherworldly persona  trapped in the villa's stone walls, one that seems to be rapidly entwining with her own.


Get ready for a thrill ride!


 Read more and WATCH IT SOON!

Spend the Season in Transylvania At Dracula's Castle

See the sites of Transylvania, enjoy the culture of Old World Romania, stay in a hotel near Dracula's castle and visit the home where a bloody legend was born!

Escape to Vampire central!     MORE

Castle Dracula

Carpathian Mountains

VLAD Dracul

The Impaler

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One of Our Favorite Halloween Light Shows in 2016

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