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If you're like most of us, chances are you casually give thought to your next, great Halloween costume beginning as early early spring or by the summer season in the least. But then, you probably never get around to spending much time planning or constructing or shopping for that special costume untill, what, the first or second week in October?


Like it or not, that seems, more often than not, the way things work out each year. What's that you say? Things will be different this year?


Sure. Well, we hope so. And if you're serious, then you have come to the right place. On this page we hope to bring you the latest trending costume ideas.


So watch this space for news updates, new ideas, how to articles and lots of photos that illustrate what others are thinking and planning on doing. And if you're working on a grand costume idea, share it with us. Drop us an email and send us a photo to feature (Email: . Happy costuming!

While it maty not be a national election year, politics always play heavy when it comes to seasonal costumes. And let's face it, regardless who you voted for, the Trump White House lends itself to some grand caricatures, from Kellyanne to the Donald himself, chances are good you get a few laughs when your coistumes pokes fun at 'Washington Swamp'.


You can get a fairly good mask of The Donald this year at halloween stores across the Internet and no doubnt in your own hometown as the Halloween season approaches. But they will probably go fast!

If you're looking for something not-so-trendy but still very cool, check out these three archers: Avenger Hawkeye, Elf Prince Legolas and, of course (ahh) Lora Croft. On the bright side, you won't run into many costumes like yours, and the costumes may be that hard to construct. On the down side, I think a bow and arrow might not be legal to carry into public places. Oh, what the heck. Go for it!

Speaking of super heroes (or anti-heroes), we realize Deadpool was a big hit costume last year, but we betting with the release of the new Deadpool movie coming soon, the costume will remain a favorite for at least another year. So if you're into the Marvel characters, no doubt Deadpool will be a winner again. So if you missed your chance last year, this may be your best chance to try Deadpool on before it becomes too 'so yesterday'...

Okay, we're crazy about flashy movies (obviously), and we can not be unfair when it comes to a real super hero, uh, heroine - especially when she carries a couple of super sharp blades and can use a magic lasso like she was born with it. Yes, Wonderwoman (thanks to the silver screen) will be a hot ticket costume this year, on this you can bet. Now where you gonna get a pair of those shiney blades, we don't know... but you really should!



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