Halloween Decorations

Halloween is such a fun season and edcorating the house, the yard, the car, the dog, the bedroom - just about anywhere and everywhere is a fun and entertaining tradition.


We've got you covered! Here we will update the art of decoration throughout the year so that as Halloween this approaches you will have plenty of cool ideas to try at your place or party!


We'll take a look at pumpkin carving, designing the perfect Jack-O-Lantern, hanging those decorative and seasonal lights, creating light shows on your house and in your yard, and we will provide links and resources where you get more information on how to DIY your crib to meet the spirit of the season.


To get you in the spirit, let's start with showing you a few demonstrations of cool house and yard light shows - some of the best of the best from across the Internet, and some of the best examples of way cool Jack-O-Lantern designs. Check out the links below.

Best Halloween Light Shows in

America can be found with this link:



Best Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern

Resources across the worldwide web:


COMING SOON: Cool Yard Decorations Like These...

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