ROAD TRIP: America's Most Haunted Hotels

Who doesn't enjoy a good road trip, especially in the fall of the year when the north winds begin to blow and the leaves start changing color. In fact, October is a great month to travel, and if you're a lover of the Halloween season, it's a great time to visit those unique and interesting destinations and sites that speak to the call of adventure inside each of us, those special places, like haunted hotels and other attractions of the weird.


Contrary to what you might think, America is full of just such places, and we recommend you consider a road trip this year that includes a night or two (or more) in one or more of many "haunted hotels" you'll find down the road, the highways and byways of the nation.


To help you find just the right place, we have assembled a few of our favorites and some that others have recommended, and we hope to add more regularly, including, perhaps, a few reviews when we stumble across a few more of our own. Check these out, and watch for more to come!

The haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

Lord Baltimore Hotel Baltimore, Maryland

There is just something eerie and the Lord Baltimore located in this historic east coast city. Guests have reported strangre, intimate encounters, like soft touches, in the elevators and the constant feeling of a presence that can't be seen.  Book a room for the night at the the historic Lord Baltimore.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes National Park in Colorado

There is something very strange about the Stanley Hotel in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Park in Colorado. Author Stephen King stayed here and was inspired to write "The Shining". Get the hair on the back of your neck to stand up by spending the night in Room  217 and listen for the piano. Check out the Stanley.

The Dauphine Orleans in

Historic New Orleans

This historic hotel sports a rich history dating back to the days when the city was young and vibrant. It is also a city of ghosts and other haunts, and you can find them right here. Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of courtesans and the visitors who have never left, the Dauphine Orleans Hotel is routinely voted as one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. Book a room.

The Jefferson Hotel in

Historic Jefferson, Texas

There’s a book in Jefferson Texas in the Caddo country of Northeast corner of the state, kept behind a hotel desk in the main lobby, where adventure awaits travelers daring enough to open its pages.

They call it the book of the dead, a history of the ghostly events that have occurred here. Discover the strange events that happen in Caddo country. Book a visit now.

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