Strange But True Stories


There are many things in this world that happen, and frankly, many of them simply defy explanation.


When U.S. Airways Flight 1549 Captain Chesley Sullenberger successfully completed a water landing in the Hudson River on a  frightfully cold day in January of 2009, no one believed it at first. Until then a commercial airliner had never experienced a bird strike that caused it to lose power in both of its engines, and a commercial airliner had never successfully made a water landing without losing most if not all of their crew and passengers.


While it's probably safe to say you will really never meet a Nigerian Prince who can't find anyone to take his money fortune and keep it safe, don't be so certain when it comes to other things, like déjà vu--that feeling of seeing something that has already happened--the word never should never be used. Chances are, you have experienced déjà vu at one point or another in your life.


While we can't prove it, even scientists tell us there is a 100-percent chance that intelligent life exists on other planets across infinite space. Most Americans believe they have had a paranormal experience in their life, like seeing a ghost or "felt someone watching them" when they were absolutely alone.


The point is, strange things can and do happen. And just because we may have a hard time believing they can happen doesn't mean that they don't. Truth is, there are a lot of weird things in this world! Try these weird stories on for size - true or not!

Monster Frog in Texas

A man in Texas caught a monster-sized frog. Texas Parks & Wildlife has confirmed the 13 pound frog, taken from a pond in Batesville, Texas. A spokesman for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department told the Houston Chronicle that the photo is real and not photoshopped. "It's not a bigly as it seems," says a TPWD officer. "It looks ;larger by the way it is held." Strange...but apparently a true story.

Machete-Weilding Clown Obstructs Traffic in Calif.

A clown waving a bloody machete over his head on the side of a California highway spooked passing drivers recently. wore a clown suit and red and white makeup on his face while holding a machete caked in fake blood. CHIP officer say after questioning the man, he proved to not be a threat. "He just had a weird sense of humor," they said. Stranger things have happened...

Darth Vader Prompts SWAT Team at School

A weird day at school when Police responded to a school where a student dressed up for Star Wars Day appeared to be an assailant "wearing a bullet-proof vest or a flak jacket". It happened at a school in Wisconsin recently. The school was evacuated, except for one frightened child who had his sith on. Another nearby school was also evacuated for safety's sake. Great job officers.

One Cool Camel in Africa

How can you transport heat-sensitive medicines across North Africa? Leave it to human ingenuity -- or good camel sense perhaps.  Inventors say they have developed the very first refrigeration system to fit on a camel's back. It had to be light-weight but big enough to carry a good cash of medicine. It may look a little funny, but the sick aren't laughing at it. Strange...

but true!

Weird Vinny the Alien

An Internet-Youtube  man has spent a fortune trying to look-and maybe act- like an alien. 22-year-old Los Angeles makeup artist who calls himself Vinny Ohh has, transformed himself into a "genderless," and extra-terrestrial-looking person via around 110 bodily procedures (so far), costing him at least $50,000. He says his appearance is merely an "all-in" representation of how he feels inside. Oh, Vinny!

Get Rich Mining Astroids

Goldman Sachs analyst Noah Poponak's 98-page paper said that wealth was obtainable by capturing the platinum that can be found in many asteroids. Of course, the costs to mine astroids is nearly, well, astronomical, an estimated $30 billion. But, he thoerized, there could be an estimated #20 billion profit in the mining operation. No wonder the race is on by private spece carriers to reach the deep blue of outer space.

No Rec. Pot in N,H.

Police Department shows a mug shot of Selket Taylor. The New Hampshire police department issued a public service announcement after Taylor was arrested with marijuana in his car. Hampstead police said in a press release on Monday, May 29, 2017, "as a public service announcement - it is illegal to possess recreational marijuana in New Hampshire, even if you only 'smoke it in Massachusetts.'" Strange...

Brain Charging Up Next

Get ready for so-called "human improvement"! Some sports teams are experimenting with "transcranial direct current stimulation" as a way to put athletes' brains into constant alert. Already a third of the San Francisco Giants players have donned weak-current headsets that cover the motor cortex at the top of the head. It might work, but the cost makes certain you must be rich to get it!

Human Ashes in Pet Graves common in N.Y.

Some folks in New York are making sure their beloved pets don't spend eternity in the ground alone. Human ashes, after cremation, can be buried in your pet's grave in one NY cemetery. In fact, if you bury multiple pets there, cemetery officials will make sure your ashes are divided between all their graves. Ah, the things we do for our favorite pets. A strange, but apparently a true story...

China, Japan Accuse Each Other of Being Voldemort

It might seem strange (okay it is strange a litte) that the ongoing friction between China and Japan continues (after centuries of unrest between the two). Reps of both nation's are claiming the other acts like the villian Voldemort of Harry Potter fame. Who knows who is right and who is wrong. But remember, the wand, Mr Potter, chooses the wizard...whatever that means.

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